ARTEMIS (Roman name: DIANA)

Artemis, the goddess of hunting, healing, killing, childbirth, and the moon, was the daughter of Zeus and Leto.  She was born on the floating is land of Delos where her mother was banishedby Hera, Zeus’ jealous wife.

Artemis’ twin brother, Apollo, was born with the help of Artemis and, when Artemis was at the age of twelve, a Greek goddess, Niobe, teased Leto and Zeus about only having two children, while she had many more. This made Artemis and Apollo mad, and they killed all (or most) of Noiobe’s children.  Niobe took her weeping self away from Artemis and Apollo.  She is usually seen in art carrying a silver arrow.

Once, when Artemis was bathing in a stream, Actaeon, a Greek god, stumbled upon her and saw her in the stream.  With her silver arrow, Artemis killed Actaeon and bathed in the stream in peace.

dstatue2.jpg (31098 bytes)The lady of wild things was also known as the huntsman of all the gods.  All the animals feared her, especially the deer.  Her favorite animal was the stag, but many people say it was the deer.

Artemis helped her mother give birth to Apollo. Jealously grew from Apollo who noticed that Artemis was spending a great deal of time hunting with the giant Orion, and he decided to put an end to the relationship. He challenged Artemis to prove her skill at archery by shooting at an object floating far out at sea.  Her shot was perfect, and the target turned out to be the head of Orion.

Artemis helped women who needed help in childbirth. She was the goddess of many things, and she used her power for good and for bad.  

I think Artemis is interesting because her life seems so challenging, and she had the power to heal people as well as the power to kill them