Zeus made Pandora, the first mortal woman, because he was mad at Prometheus who had had given the mortals special gifts.  Zeus decided to give the mortals one more gift, and that was Pandora.  Each god gave her something to make her perfect.  Venus gave her beauty, Mercury gave her persuasion, Apollo gave her music, Hephaestus gave her voice, Hermes gave her pettiness in her tiny brain, etc.  Finally she was ready for Earth.

Zeus gave her to Epimetheus ( Prometheus's brother). Prometheus had said to Epimetheus," Don't take anything from the Olympians, especially Zeus." Epimetheus was about to decline, but as soon as he looked at her and saw her beauty, he aceptedeus' gift. Epimetheus gave Pandora a box that she was forbidden to open.  Every day Pandora wondered what was in the box.  She knew she mustn't open it, but she was extremely curious and could not bear not to know its contents.  As soon as she pulled the cover off, all of the evil and mistrust flew out into the world. When Pandora looked at the bottom of the box, she saw that  the only thing left was hope.

I think Pandora is interesting because each of the gods gave her something.


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