Perseus was a Greek demigod, son of Zeus and Danae (a mortal).  King Polydectes heard that Perseus would be born, so he locked Danae in a tower.  Zeus knew about Danae and poured in as a shower of gold.  Thus, Perseus was born.  Polydectes heard the news and sent them out to sea in a wooden box.  They ended up on an island where a fisherman and his wife lived.  He grew up with them and helped out.   Later, King Polydectes called upon him.   He told Perseus to go out and behead Medusa of the Gorgon sisters, who could turn anyone who looked at them to stone.  The gods Hermes and Athena aided him with flying shoes and a reflecting shield.  When Perseus got there, he used his shield to guide him.  He found Medusa and beheaded her. 

As he flew back to the king’s castle, Perseus came upon a woman chained to a rock.  She was Andromeda, a princess about to be sacrificed to a sea monster.  Perseus whipped Medusa’s head out and turned the sea monster to stone.  He cut the woman’s chains and gave her to the king.  Perseus, trying not to be delayed, hurried back to the king and gave him the head of the Gorgon.

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